Saturday, December 26, 2009

family vs. family

this moment is very comical.
the jeans and t-shirts vs. the button downs and slacks.
this double life brings nothing but laughs.
the uptight end vs. face down on the floor.
drinks consist of carbon and sugar
while the other consists of 80 proof and a straw.
how did we get stuck in this mess?
stuffing our faces to avoid spitting out controversey.
why is this so painful? i will bite my tongue
and find a happy place.
sectioned off groups, dirty looks and people we barely know.
so this is what you call family?
the holidays full of spite... and denim.
i'm sick of finding reasons not to come around.
do they even know the real me?
i guess it doesn't matter, i don't know them either.
i stopped expecting things from this side,a long time ago.
the amount of love in this so called name,
i can count it on one hand.
i overfill my lungs with smoke to avoidsitting next to one of them.
one of those so called 'relatives'.
one of the people that i barely even know.
by mrm 12.26.2009.